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Request from clients

Remind renewal information 

Going Over Data

Performance Pledge

-All below procedures are handled by our PRC patent attorney


-Response within hours 

-Total Quality Management

Information Inquiry

Update official information

Information recording

Intellectual property management

Preliminary Assessment 

Grant of certificate

Suggestion of workplans

Update the case progress

Feasibility Assessment

Issue a filing receipt

Risk Assessment

Submit information to HKIPD

Questions from client

Provide supplementary information from clients

Evalutate the case until both parties agree


Types of services:
1.    Hong Kong Trademark registration
2.    Hong Kong Trademark renewal
3.    Hong Kong Trademark invalidation/revocation application
4.    Hong Kong Trademark opposition application
5.    Hong Kong Trademark counter-statement application
6.    Hong Kong Patent registration
7.    Hong Kong Patent renewal
8.    Hong Kong Design registration
9.    Hong Kong Design renewal


Business Meeting
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