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Company Strength

-Sophisticated, our clients come from law firms and the world's top leading firms in 10+ countries (Seven continents around the world, except the Antarctic).

-Cost-effective fee,
Saving 50% of your fee.

-Always ready,
24-7-365 Service.

-Performance pledge,
all formalities are handled by our PRC patent attorney (including administrative work).

-Hong Kong Patent Specialist, mainly focuses on
Hong Kong IP services.

-One of the few agents that our
 PRC Patent Attorney comes from is Hong Kong 
who has passed the Chinese Patent Attorney Examination.
Therefore, we can have a better understanding of the local patent system in Hong Kong and provide professional and appropriate advice to our clients. According to the statistics of CNIPA in 2020, only 71 candidates from Hong Kong passed the examination of Chinese Patent Attorney. 

-One of the
few agents that handle plant varieties protection, there were only less than 20 new applications for grants of Plant Variety Rights in Hong Kong.


Outdoor Business Meeting
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