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How do I file a trademark application as quickly and accurately as possible?

We have many partners worldwide, including 20+ Chinese law firms/companies, working with us.

When filing a Hong Kong trademark application, we have summed up our experience, whether it is our partner or an independent applicant. The trademark applicant just needs to remember the following points, you can file a trademark application conveniently and accurately.

Or you just provide us the below filled-in table, we could file your application and return the filing receipt to you within hours.

The following table lists the required information:-

In fact, the Hong Kong trademark application is very simple, as long as you understand the necessary information, you can easily handle it.

The following items 1-3, trademark, class, and applicant, are the basic elements of the Hong Kong trademark application. Items 4-5 are options. In other words, as long as there are items 1-3 of information, the application can be submitted.

Of course, among these 3 elements, there are also things to pay attention to, because after submitting the T2 Hong Kong trademark application form, these 3 elements will affect the filing date. For details, please refer to our article:-

1) Trademark

Hong Kong trademarks can be mainly divided into plain text or figurative marks. When submitting an application, a representation must be submitted. The representation should be submitted in the form of a photo, which is generally submitted in .jpg/.png. Moreover, the representation must be clearly visible so that the examiner can view it clearly and accurately.

For example, if you submit an application with a lower-resolution photo, then, you want to switch to a higher-resolution photo, and the trademark office will not allow it. Therefore, applicants should be aware that this will affect the filing date.

Tips: To be more advanced, the applicant should check whether or not there was a similar trademark registered earlier (Relative grounds). The trademark whether or not could be acceptable itself such as distinctiveness (Absolute grounds).

These operations may also require the help of more professionals. or WhatsApp/ Wechat: +852 6149 6293

2) Class

Class descriptions may vary slightly for each country. The trademark description in Hong Kong can be roughly based on WIPO NICE CLASSIFICATION.

Of course, the class description is the top priority of trademark applications.

Important: The scope of protection is based on the class descriptions, therefore, the applicant needs to be carefully selected.

We know that the Chinese trademark application can only include 10 subclasses, and additional fees are required for more than 10 subclasses.

Tips: Hong Kong trademark application does not limit the number of class description items. In other words, the price of 1 item description and 100 item descriptions are also the same.

3) Applicant

Applicants for Hong Kong trademarks come from different countries around the world, and the address of trademark applicants can also come from foreign countries (not in Hong Kong).

However, foreign applicants must have a correspondence address in Hong Kong, because the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong may send letters to applicants.

If you do not have this address, you need to find a local agent in Hong Kong to assist in the trademark application.

No Power of Attorney (PoA) is required in Hong Kong, therefore, it is straightforward to provide us with items 1-3 to file the trademark application in Hong Kong. We could file the application and return the filing receipt within hours.

To conclude, the Hong Kong trademark applicant could simply be attentive to items 1-3, namely trademark, class, and applicant. To be more advanced, please leave a message to us. or WhatsApp/ Wechat: +852 6149 6293


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