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Assignment of Trademark (transfer of the ownership)

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Hong Kong T10 Assignment form

As we know, a trademark is the brand name of a company. The logo of Youtube, McDonald’s, or Apple, is a very famous trademark in the world. It is also a crucial intangible asset for the company. Therefore, if we want to sell the trademark to other companies. We need to transfer our ownership to the buyer.

In Hong Kong, we need to do process of the assignment so that it could record in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department Journal and the record will be published in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department for searching. The updated ownership of the trademark will be shown on the record. As a result, the transfer of ownership will be finished.

However, some tips you need to know and be cautious about that.

To begin with, it is reminded that no signature is required for the T10 form if we file the electronic form in Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department. Further, it is no standard format is required for the Assignment contract. The signed assignment of both parties (Assignor and Assignee) could be attached to the T10 form for their record. However, it is not a must to submit this form to them. You could submit the signed assignment form to them once they request to do that.

For the assignment process, you could either file a paper or an electronic form.

Another tip for the assignment, you are required to provide the date of the assignment when it is agreed for the assignment.

The official fee for trademark transfer in Hong Kong is HK$800 and the processing time of the official examination is about 6 months.

We have tried some cases. When we use electronic submission, the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department's automatic reply can immediately complete the trademark transfer record. The notice will include the assignee, the date of the transfer, and the date of entry into the registrar.

However, if we submit the T10 form the same way, the system does not automatically respond but needs to be checked by the examiner. And we also reached the Intellectual Property Department, and their reply was to see if the system can be matched with relevant trademark information. If so, the transfer can be completed immediately.

Our professional service:

We can generally submit an application within a few hours on the same day, so if you are required help, please get in touch with us, and the entire Hong Kong trademark transfer process can be completed as soon as possible. Especially in foreign or Chinese firms, that do not have a certified electronic application account and cannot submit an electronic trademark transfer application. We can get help with the assignment process.


You are required to prepare your documents for filing. Also, the assignor and assignee should agree on the transfer of ownership before the filing of the assignment.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose a paper form or electronic form for filing

  2. Record the date of the Assignment

  3. File the Assignment

  4. Wait 6 months for the examination or WhatsApp/ Wechat: 852 6149 6293


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