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Assignment of Trademark (transfer of ownership)

Updated: Jul 18

T10 Assignment form

As we know, trademark is a brand name of the company. The logo of Youtube, McDonald or Apple, is a very famous trademark in the world. It is also a crucial intangible asset for the company. Therefore, if we want to sell the trademark to other companies. We need to transfer our ownership to the buyer.

In Hong Kong, we need to do a process of assignment so that it could record on the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department Journal or the record will be published on the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department for searching. The updated ownership of the trademark will be shown on the record. As a result, the transfer of the ownership will be finished.

However, some tips you need to know and be caution about that.

To begin with, it is reminded that no signature is required for the T10 form if we file the electronic form on Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department. Further, it is no standard format is required for the Assignment form. The signed assignment of both parties (Assignor and Assignee) could be attached on the T10 form for their record. However, it is not a must to submit this form to them. You could submit the signed assignment form to them once they request to do that.

For the Assignment process, you could file a paper form or electronic form either.

Another tip for the Assignment, you are required to date the date of assignment when it is agreed for the Assignment.

If we are satisfied the above requirements, the official will send the notification filing receipt to us after several days of our filing. And the process time of the official examination is about 6 months.

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You are required to prepare your documents for filing. Also, the assignor and assignee agreed for the transfer of ownership before filing of assignment.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose paper form or electronic form for filing

  2. Record the date of Assignment

  3. File the Assignment

  4. Spare 6 months for the examination

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