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Business of IP Asia Forum 2019

             in Hong Kong



Patent and Design Limited aims to serve Hong Kong local companies to protect the Intellectual Property including Patent Rights. We provide one-stop-service from the ideas to real patent protection. First, we will conduct an interview with our clients to explore the ideas and try to figure a protective patent strategy to them. Afterwards, the patent specification will be drafted by PRC patent attorney/ lawyer for the inventions. Finally, we will handle the filing and administrative work until granting.


Hong Kong acts as Mainland China most prominent offshore RMB¥ center, it also ranks among the world's top 20 IP application centers for patents. Hong Kong is perfectly located as the gateway to international, which remains as a leading IP market, we would welcome to cooperate with foreign firms at very competitive price for filing IP applications in Hong Kong and China.

We have cooperated with many law firm partners worldwide including Asia, Europe and Latin America. Being professional, responsible and proficient in every single step, we have built trust with our clients.


To maintain a high standard of quality service and being competitive company, we provided competitive and reasonable rates for quality services. Our internal workflow procedure will be reviewed frequently to meet the varied need of clients.


Room 901, 9/F,

Wayland Industrial & Commercial Building, 
131 Connaught Road West, Sheung Wan,

Hong Kong SAR